Artist, Alchemist, Teacher

Anni Kemp is an artist, creativity coach and a certified Master Teacher and Practitioner of Interior Alignment®, a domestic school of Feng Shui founded by Denise Linn. After working as a Practitioner for over 10 years Anni has developed her our own approach to living a balanced and healthy focused life; Living Symmetry™. Based in the founding knowledge of Interior Alignment®, Living Symmetry is a multi-cultural approach encompassing ancient knowledge and wisdom from all around the world to build a foundation for your home. It also acknowledges that our modern lives thrive from ancient wisdom and require more than a two part seesaw/balance approach to life. Anni believes when we intentionally create an environment that is aligned with what it is we are seeking in our lives, we access a deeper and more powerful flow of manifestation. In this way, she helps her clients transform their homes and workspaces into havens designed to help create what it is her clients want in their lives.

In addition, as an intentional artist, Anni helps her clients by creating custom artwork that they place in their homes and offices to stimulate and support their intentions. Her artwork is multi-layered; combining written affirmations with powerful symbology for a one-of-a-kind piece that consciously and subconsciously inspires the client to manifest the changes they are seeking in their lives.

Whether it is your home or business, Anni can help you discover your intentions and assist in helping you align what you want with a space you can thrive in. For more information or to set up a consultation, please complete our contact form and Anni or a member of her team will contact you shortly.

Art of Anni



Creativity     Intuition     Alchemy

Living Symmetry

Interior design that aligns
elements within your
home/office space to
promote balance and clarity.


Art of Anni

Custom artwork designed
to stimulate and support
the changes you are
seeking in your life.


Anni Kemp’s work is grounded in two truths:

  1. Art is an act of creation, and
  2. We are reflections of our environment.

When combined, these truths become a practical alchemy designed to help you align your living and working environment with who you really are and where you want to be.

Anni’s services range from one-on-one consultations to assess the level of synchronicity between your home/work environment and your goals and desires, to custom artwork designed to stimulate and support the changes you are seeking in life.

We welcome you to learn more about how Anni can inspire you to reimagine and transform your life and the world around you.

LOVE Intensive Communication Project

LOVE Intensive Communication Project

The world always needs more LOVE and the LOVE Intensive Communication Project provides original art for you to help spread the message of LOVE to people in the world.

Four cards are created together as a canvas of intention with LOVE written repeatedly. The first card has one layer of writing, the second has two layers, the third has three and the final has a bold forth layer. A custom message, that you provide, is woven with the lines of LOVE. Handmade Original Art with four custom postcards created for you to send to the people you LOVE or reproductions ready for sending.

The journey of the postcard is as important as it’s destination. The intention is that everyone that comes in contact with the postcard will feel LOVE, especially the recipients.

We welcome you to join in and follow us as this project grows to communicate LOVE around the world. Send more LOVE to people in your world!!


Custom LOVE Postcards

Handmade Original Art with
four custom postcards
created for you to send to the people you LOVE.